2017 A:wottsi A:ts'umme (Strong Boys) Camp

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The ZYEP A:wottsi A:ts'umme (Strong Boys) Summer camp kicked off on June 12th with a greeting by the staff, planting a community garden, and a visit to the Zuni Wellness center for a Zumba Session. The camp consisted of 60 boys, ages 7-12 years. The young boys were lead by young adult counselors, who were between the ages of 16-24 years. The boys participated in a variety of activities, archery, golf, and yoga, arts and crafts with recycled materials, and wood shop class. A physical activity class was led by a local teacher. Zuni arts and culture were incorporated into the camp activities, with a pottery class taught by a local Zuni potter, Noreen Simplicio and traditional social dances taught by a local Zuni dance group, the Anshe:kwe dance group. The campers were taken on a field trip to Nutria Lake for a Fishing Derby, where they spent a morning fishing and participating in a variety of fun activities, such as face painting. On June 23rd, the last day of camp was a day of celebration. The campers and counselors performed the traditional dances they learned over the course of 2 weeks. The 7-9 year olds danced the Turkey Dance and the 10-12 year olds danced the Deer Dance. Parents and community members were invited to the event. It was an exciting day! 

Enjoy the video of the A:wottsi A:ts'umme (Strong Boys) Camp! 



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