Community Gardens Ready for Harvest

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The summer rains have ZYEP's school and community gardens looking great!  The Summer Camp garden at Twin Buttes High School is growing strong and our campers were able to learn about where healthy food comes from by growing it themselves.  

Indian Health Services Garden

The Zuni IHS hospital garden brings together more than 40 staff members dedicated to raising fresh, local produce for the community. Lab techs and medical records staff, doctors and nurses, even the CEO all participate in helping the gardens flourish.

The kitchen staff are excited to use the fresh produce in our patient and staff meals, a unique "farm-to-hospital" endeavor.  

Traditional Waffle Garden Finished

This year ZYEP also recreated a traditional waffle garden at the future ZYEP Community Green Space on Chimoni Drive. The garden site, near the Zuni River, had been planted in this traditional style for many, many generations, yet without a nearby source for irrigation has recently been under-utilized. Check out the photo of the site which we look forward to planting in the spring and reviving this gardening technique!

Thanks to Daniel, Darren, and the Zuni Department of Natural Resources for all of the help making the gardens great.  


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