Delap'na:we - Zuni Winter Storytelling

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2nd Annual Winter Storytelling Production

ZYEP's Oral History Theater Project is a community led production where traditional stories come to life on stage.           


Delap'na:we (traditional stories) were once a thriving art form in Zuni, but over the years have become dormant. In the last two years, community members of all ages have come together to revitalize storytelling by acting out the traditional stories for a gym full of family, elders, tribal leaders, educators, youth, and many more.                 


Older audience members reminisced about when they would listen to stories growing up and hope that this will become the norm for the younger generations in order to continue a valuable Zuni tradition and bring our community together.



Enoy the video of how the 2nd Annual Winter Storytelling Production came together:



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