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Trails & Playgrounds

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ZYEP and the Zuni Health and Wellness Coalition have created a series of nine walking, running, and biking trails totaling 50 miles. These trails are named after the Zuni directional system and include markers every 1/2 mile and inspirational phrases in Zuni to keep community members motivated.

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Throughout the trail system, we have designed nine routes ideal for walking, running, and biking. 

Use our Physical Activity Prescription to help yourself set new fitness goals or simply check out one of the trails.

  • Wagon Trail
    • Distance: 2 miles
    • Trailhead: Zuni Wellness Center
    • Terrain: Easy
  • K’yawaina Trail
    • Distance: 5 miles
    • Trailhead: Black Rock Dam
    • Terrain: Easy
  • Wolf Trail
    • Distance: 6 miles
    • Trailhead: North Sandy Springs
    • Terrain: Moderate
  • Badger Trail
    • Distance: 2.5 miles
    • Trailhead: Silt Road, Lasiloo Sub
    • Terrain: Moderate
  • Bear Trail
    • Distance: 5 miles
    • Trailhead: Near Zuni Head Start
    • Terrain: Moderate
  • Tsawanikya Trail
    • Distance: 8 miles
    • Trailhead: Near Zuni Head Start
    • Terrain: Hard
  • Eagle Trail
    • Distance: 2.5 mile loop
    • Trailhead: Pia Mesa Road
    • Terrain: Moderate
  • K'ya'na Trail
    • Distance: 13.1 Miles
    • Trailhead: Ojo Caliente Road
    • Terrain: Moderate
  • Bolanayye Trail
    • Distance: 3 miles
    • Trailhead: Rte. 301 North/ A Avenue
    • Terrain: Easy

We appreciate feedback on your experience on the trails!

ZYEP is grateful for the support from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and New Mexico Department of Health via the Healthy Kids New Mexico Program that has made these trails possible.

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ZYEP is working with many community partners to make improvements to local playgrounds. Community clean-ups have taken place at Blackrock Main, A Ave., and A:shiwi T’sana playgrounds.

DY MESA students led the clean-up and repair efforts.

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