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Kaitlin is pictured above (right) and shares her story here:

My name is Kaitlin Jade Romancito. I'm 11 years old. My clans are Crow and Child of a Bear. My parents are Alvin and Rolanda Romancito.

How I Stay Active

I joined sports for my school and my community. I played basketball for both Dowa Yalanne Elementary and ZYEP. The two basketball seasons were great and fun. I played soccer for ZYEP for 4 years.

We went on trips to Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and San Felipe Pueblo for tournaments and friendly games. I enjoyed playing for my school and community. I also ran cross country and I'm currently playing baseball.


Fitness is the most important aspect of my life due to the fact that the career I'm planning for is the United States Army. Fitness is not just important to me but to others around the world.

It's important to stay active and in shape for a better future. Imagine this community without fitness. People in the community will be at high risk for obesity, diabetes and heart problems.

My Future

My plan for the future to stay active is to create a schedule of sports I want to do. For Middle School I want to join 3 sports known as Softball, Volleyball and Basketball. For High School I plan on playing the same three sports. For College I hope to play Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer and Softball.

Last but not least I wish to do some Senior Olympic Sports when I get into my 60's if I still got the groove. These are my plans if I choose not to join the Army.


Lastly I would like to thank the Notah Begay Foundation and Nike N7 for supporting ZYEP and funding our programs. I would also like to thank our coaches for putting in the time and effort in helping us improve our skills in soccer. 


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