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Kaleia is pictured above to the left. What follows is a little bit of her story, in her own words.

I am excited to have this opportunity to share the ways I am active in my community. In school I took part in the Dowa Yalanne Elementary Student Council Leadership Academy. I was President of Dowa Yalanne Elementary. The student council helped our school and community because it showed that as a team we can change our school and community together. We helped organize special events like a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot and Earth Day clean-up to keeps kids active. In school I was also a part of cross country, basketball, and dance club.

Outside of school I stay active by doing Zumba, playing football in TDFL (Tony Dorsett Football League) and joining ZYEP (Zuni Youth Enrichment Project) programs.

Why I Like ZYEP

I was part of the ZYEP HOOPZ, the traveling soccer team, baseball, and summer camp.

I am thankful to have programs like ZYEP because the programs help me stay active instead of being lazy. If we didn’t have these programs we would always be inside watching T.V. We would see no kids outside and we would always be bored.

Elementary School Activities

Dowa Yalanne Elementary Student Council Leadership Academy, sport and community activities have all been great learning experiences for me and other students of our community. I am glad to be a part of these activities because they allow me to grow as a person, help me learn to be a team player, gives me the opportunity to be a role model for other kids, but most importantly teach me the value of setting goals and never giving up.

I understand the importance of working hard and excelling in my education. For without a proper education, I would not be able to participate in these activities. I would like to continue to be a positive role model and encourage others to live an active life so that we can continue to be strong, healthy Zuni people.

My Future

As I continue to grow up, I would like to go to the Olympics. This is a dream that I have and know I can accomplish if I am determined to make it a reality. After all, my speed helped me get on the TDFL football team and helped me tackle guys that were half my size!

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation on behalf of the youth of the Zuni community to our parents, family, teachers, coaches, and friends for without your support, we would not be able to participate in these activities. You are our cheerleaders and we learn from you each day. Elahkwa!

I especially would like to thank our sponsors such as NB3 and Nike N7 for supporting ZYEP and funding these great programs we have in our community. Elahkwa. As the youth of our community, we will continue to be strong, confident, and healthy leaders.

Don Yadon Koshi Sunakyupdo.


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