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Meet our Board Members

Kate Faber

Kate Faber

Kate Faber, MSN, FNP currently serves as Board President and was one of the founding members of ZYEP. She moved to Zuni in August 2006 from Boston. She has been working as a Family Nurse Practitioner at the hospital in Zuni for the past nine years. She is passionate about serving the community both professionally and in her free time. She and her husband Tom have three children. She enjoys hiking and exploring local areas.

Darlynn Panteah


Darlynn Panteah is a Zuni Pueblo tribal member with over 27 years experience in finance, accounting, management and contract administration. She attended New Mexico State University and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Managerial Accounting in 1981, and then returned home to serve her community and the Zuni people. She has held a variety of important roles in finance, accounting and management including CEO/President of Zuni Technologies Inc and CEO/President of the Intertribal Information Technology Company (IITC). Darlynn independently operates a tax preparation company she established in 1997 and is currently CEO/President of Panteah & Associates, LLC. In addition to serving on the Board for ZYEP, she serves on the Board of Zuni Pueblo Mainstreet. Darlynn is committed to helping her community by engaging youth in our culture and bringing jobs to stimulate business and economic development.

Tom Faber

TOM Faber

Tom Faber, MD, MPH, FAAP is a founding member and former Executive Director of ZYEP. Dr. Faber also serves as the Clinical Director of the Zuni Indian Health Service Hospital and the Pediatrics Chief Clinical Consultant for the Indian Health Service. Dr. Faber began working in Zuni in 2006, quickly falling in love with the Zuni community and especially Zuni youth. Working with families and community partners, Dr. Faber helped create ZYEPs first summer camp in 2008 and has remained passionately committed to building on this momentum ever since. His wife, Kate, serves as ZYEP President, and they have three children.

Caroline Ukestine
Board Member


Caroline Ukestine has served on the ZYEP Board of Directors since it was first founded. She is a native of Zuni, born and raised to serve her community. Caroline has been an educator most of her life, starting in 1975 as an Educational Assistant with the Zuni Public School District. She has worked in different capacities including as a Third Grade teacher for 8 years, an Elementary School Principal for 9 years and currently serves as the Director of Federal Programs for the school district. Caroline enjoys working with parents and students whether it be fundraising or attending school activities/meetings. She has one daughter and two granddaughters and enjoys spending time with them. Her hobbies include eating out, reading mystery/romance novels, attending concerts, or just going window shopping with her family.

Janis Bowekaty
Board Member


Janis Bowekaty was born and raised in Zuni, New Mexico. Janis attended all Zuni Schools from Zuni Headstart to Zuni High School. Go Thunderbirds!! After High School, she has attended several universities obtaining degrees in Early Childhood Multicultural Education, Psychology, Curriculum/Instruction: Reading, and Educational Leadership. She is currently obtaining a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from Northwestern University.

Janis has been an educator for over 16 years, she has worked as a teacher in a preschool setting with Zuni Head Start, an elementary classroom with Zuni Public School District, and Gallup McKinley County School District. She has also worked in administrative positions within the Zuni Public School District. Janis is the developer/owner of REZilience Education Consulting. Janis is married to Carleton Bowekaty they have four children; Janessa, Ian, Xavian, and Cassaya. Janis is a strong believer in doing what is best for children, this has guided her through her various interactions within her career and community programs such as Zuni Royalty Organization and Zuni Youth Enrichment Project, and Zuni Educators

Carleton Bowekaty
Board Member


Carleton’s bio is coming soon!



Board Member

Jerome Haskie

Mr. Jerome Haskie is one of the newest Board members of the Zuni Youth Enrichment Project, he has served on the board for approximately 3 years. Mr. Haskie is an enrolled member of the Zuni Tribe and has been a lifelong resident of the Zuni community. Professionally, Mr. Haskie worked in the fire service for 27 years and was the Fire Chief until he became the Director of Public Safety for the Pueblo of Zuni. Mr. Haskie retired from Public Safety for the Pueblo of Zuni in 2005. After retiring from the public sector he helped form a nonprofit corporation called New Mexico EMS Region 1 INC. Mr. Haskie has since retired from EMS Region 1 in 2018, he now lives the retired life. He currently serves as Vice President of the Zuni Public School District Board of Education. Mr. Haskie has a degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and holds a Public Management certification from the USDA Graduate School for Public Management.

In the past, Mr. Haskie served as President of the Ashiwi Sports Association, overseeing youth athletic activities. Mr. Haskie’s “15 minutes of fame” came in the late 1990s as he appeared on the TODAY SHOW for three consecutive years highlighting the baseball and softball programs for Zuni Pueblo youth. He appeared with his late friend Joe Garagiola, who assisted the ASA with equipment, uniforms, and funds to build four ball fields on the location where the new Shiwi Ts’ana Elementary now sits. Since those times Mr. Haskie has been a staunch supporter of youth activities.