As the Zuni Youth Enrichment Project gears up for its most popular Youth Sport program, the annual basketball league, volunteer coaches from across the Pueblo of Zuni also are eagerly […]


Norene Lonasee still remembers her father’s guidance. As a young child, learning English was proving to be a challenge. “My first language was Zuni, so I didn’t learn to speak […]

Sanchez Family

For generations, Zuni people shared delapna:we during the winter months. These ancient oral histories each revealed a moral or lesson, and they brought families together for education and entertainment during […]


Through the years, Zuni youth have come to ZYEP for a variety of reasons. Some are interested in summer camp or sports, while others want to learn about Native food […]


As a child growing up in Gallup, New Mexico, Tara Wolfe had myriad interests, but with a few twists and turns, those interests eventually would converge in the nearby Pueblo […]


When Tre’ Riley was growing up in the Pueblo of Zuni, New Mexico, his little brother attended the Zuni Youth Enrichment Project’s Summer Camp. It was the first time Tre’ […]


Art has always been part of Cassandra Tsalate’s life. As a child, while her brothers pursued their own interests, she decided to try her hand at drawing. Then she started […]


Circles are important symbols. They can represent many things for Native communities, and at ZYEP they take on particular power when we see our children grow into healthy, thriving members […]


In 2009, a young boy in the Pueblo of Zuni heard about the new Zuni Youth Enrichment Project. He thought its inaugural Summer Camp program sounded exciting and fun, and […]

Elroy & Kandis

For Elroy Natachu Jr. and Kandis Quam, the decision to join the Zuni Youth Enrichment Project this year was not a difficult one to make. The 31-year-old cousins, born just […]