My name is Sewa and I am 16 years old. I joined ZYEP’s annual Delapna:we Oral History Theater Project when I was 13 years old. This winter’s performance will be my fourth. I love it because it helps me connect with my Zuni culture. I’m half Zuni, and I didn’t really know our stories or where they came from. Hearing them is exciting. Through the theater project, I got to learn more about our stories and our language — now I can speak to my Nana (grandfather) in Zuni!
My favorite memory is when I performed for the first time. I was so scared, but when I got on stage, I felt all the stress go away. I love breaking into groups to learn our parts, I love hearing the elders share stories and language, and I love getting to meet new people. This is such a fun and energetic program.

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