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Zuni Youth Enrichment Project distributed 500 self-care kits in Zuni Pueblo this month

At Zuni Pueblo, COVID-19 is very much present in everyday life. Students are still remote learning, and families are remaining safer at home as much as possible. To help community members focus on their own wellness during these isolating and often stressful times, the Zuni Youth Enrichment Project assembled 500 self-care kits and distributed them on Friday, February 12.

Of the 500 kits, 170 went to partner programs, including Zuni Education & Career Development Center (ZECDC), Zuni Senior Center, Zuni Veterans Program, and Zuni Social Services Program. Each kit included a “make your own heart” pillow; stationary to write positive letters to loved ones; baking tools such as a rolling pin, heart-shaped cookie cutters, and heart molds; family-friendly board games; a healthy-baking recipe book; and a $20 voucher for fresh fruit and vegetables at Halona Marketplace, the local grocer.